About Us

Performance Freight Systems, Inc. is a privately held corporation established in 1990 that is committed to servicing our customers needs each and every day.

With that commitment, you will enjoy rapid and damage free deliveries. Our customer service professionals can answer any questions you may have with a single telephone call. Competitive pricing allows you to control not only your transportation costs, but also your customer's costs. With over 95 combined years in the transportation industry, this ensures that we can handle your transportation needs effectively, no matter how big or how small.

We are consistently updating our computer technology which allows us to effectively trace shipments, quote rates and provide P.O.D.'s. This information is only a phone call or a 'click' away. Our Internet and EDI capabilities provide another way to decrease your transportation costs!

Performance consistently modernizes its delivery fleet, providing top of the line new equipment yearly, including trailers, tractors and straight trucks.

Performance Freight Systems stands for just exactly that, "PERFORMANCE"! Pick up the phone and give us a try!

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Performance Freight Systems, Inc.

2040 W. Oklahoma Ave.   Milwaukee, WI 53215
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