Fuel Surcharge

Fuel Surcharge
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The fuel surcharge is an index-based surcharge that is adjusted weekly. The surcharge will apply to net freight charges. The surcharge will be calculated utilizing the Department of Energy U.S. National Average fuel price index. This index is available from the United States Department of Energy each Monday after 4:00 P.M., except on government holidays, when the data are released on Tuesday (but still reflect Monday’s price)., by calling 202-586-6966 or by visiting their website http://www.eia.gov/petroleum/gasdiesel/

The fuel surcharge will be updated by 9:00 A.M. each Tuesday., except when Monday's release date falls on a government holiday, when the data will be updated on Wednesday (but still reflect Monday’s price). To calculate the current fuel surcharge percentage manually, you can download a copy of our fuel surcharge schedule below.

PFEG Fuel Surcharge Schedule

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